Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Small Thing Can You Do To Work On Gratitude?

Shoshie and Devori have always excelled at the Mida of gratitude. What parent ever wants to feel like a shlepper? Sometimes its hard not to for all we do for our children. But when your children acknowledge what you do for them, demonstrate appreciation, and even show sensitivity to your needs, that's really good. Gratitude excels when self importance is low. The girls therefore were/are attentive to others needs.
In honor of their greatness and for an aliyah of Shoshie's neshama, I want to make my own personal kabbala of benching (Bircas Hamazone) (grace after the meal) with a bencher (looking inside and reading it as opposed to doing it by heart) when I eat a meal. (Bli Neder-without a vow). 
But let's take this one step further. What does this really mean? I want to slow down and not rush out after finishing a meal, take the time to thank the Almighty for the food/meal and by doing that I hopefully will become more grateful.

What small thing can you do to work on gratitude?

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