Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I see that I didn't follow though on a point. We break a glass at our chasunas (weddings) to remind us of the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash (temple) and the resulting of Gods more obvious and direct presence in our lives. Even at the time of our personal greatest joy...... at our own child's wedding, we are reminded that our joy is incomplete. We cannot have complete personal joy when other yidden are suffering, when we have exiled Hashem to the sidelines, when there is so much suffering, sickness and pain in the world. Even at a wedding, don;t loose sight of the fact that this world is broken, imperfect, painful - that is the circumstances we find ourselves in - don't completely indulge for a second in yourself and ignore others pain. Our Neshamos know what life was created for, what it years for, what it ought to be -that never ending thirst for a perfect world will never cease because we are supposed to use it to be driven to do something. Since the time of the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash -life has never been the same for the Jews, Jewish people and for humanity. Reminders are everywhere of that destruction and that our joy is incomplete.
The psalm we say before we bench, the unfinished wall in our new homes, the glass under the chuppah, the prayers in our Shemoneh Esrie, -ashes on our heads when we get married, Tikun Chatzot (midnight prayers said lamenting the destruction, the 9 days, tish bav) - Over 2,000 years ago -we the Jewish people experienced the feeling that life will never be the same. Denise and I are just catching up to that reality. It was always like this. The sickness, the pain of people, the absence of God present in our lives - even when you are in your little comfort cocoon, peoples lives are irreparably compromised, damaged etc . We were comforted by you as may Gd comfort you amongst the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim - who are those mourners? The select few who realize that this world the way it is is not it. They see beyond their personal lives and see others, see that Hashem is saddened about this world -he awaits us to stand up and spread his majesty, kingship, his name and glory over humanity. Hear o Israel, Hashem is God, Hashem is one. Life was never normal - we just caught up to that fact. Let's rally together to bring Hashem into all our of lives

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