Monday, May 13, 2013

Heartfelt Thoughts

So many of you have said, expressed and written “there are no words” that is a way of saying that there exists in front of us a situation that is not possible with human words to describe – the endless void and vacuum that we all feel, that we all share

When a tragedy like this – so out of the norm, one that leaves all of us so vulnerable –shaken to the core, It could have been anyone of us” – “Oh Gosh” – How frightful, how devastating, how horrible, • One of us has been taken……………at 12 years and 4 months!

Someone who had displayed the most Ziskeit qualities in her life time, someone who had just started to blossom-everywhere –like Cherry Blossoms in D.C, Someone who elicited from others – goodness, enjoyment, fun, brightness, smiles

It was one of us- and speaking on behalf of all of us-we have felt like you felt that it was one of you

We are all so closely connected now – our tears have met and have created a stream that weaves itself in and around our community –binding us

Your hugs, your kisses, your visits, your well wishes, your flowers, your Challahs, your meals, your play dates, your paintings, cards, - salad dressing and herring

I could go on and one – how each and every one of us has done what was in your hearts and has comforted us immensely

We needed it – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts

I am so proud of you – I am so of us – I am so proud to be part of this community who showed incredible achdus without worry, thought to – The Sterns are not in my shul

We are in love with you, we are smitten with how holy are synagogues are and we are head over heels for Rabbis Rabovsky, Goldberg and Gibber

Intuitively we understand that it is achdus that holds all the cards to our current and future well-being

It is the demonstration of achdus within the Jewish people that will bring the blessings and salvation's that will allow to do our job in this world

To be Hashem’s chariot to sanctify his name in this world- so that humanity will rise up and know that Hashem is one and his name is One

And at that time the clarity and knowledge of God will be so great that sickness, illness, darkness, poverty, wars, and evil will melt away

We are here the 1st day of Shavuos –a time of unprecedented unity- as we encamped across the mountain –one heart, one mind, and one soul

It is then- only then – that absolute unity in Klal Yisroel that we were Zocheh to receive God’s holy instructions to be his messengers on earth.

What more noble thing can we do that to embody his message and carry it with us wherever we go, whatever we do – to become the people that God entrusted

To spread God’s light

Achdus.!!!!!!!!!!!! Achdus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Achdus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s not stop now! Let’s not wait for another tragedy to absolutely let the artificial barriers our

Which synagogue we go to, who is our Rabbi, what our clothing looks like, whether you are a learner, various levels of snius, kashrut, that artificially separate us in our minds

I am oriented towards these people, this shul etc- but those people are not in my purview, they are not my business

And I am just talking about the shomer shabbos observant people in our shuls

Our minds gives us thoughts of separateness, just like when so many of us see black people, people of seemingly lower class, subconsciously

We are propping ourselves up, holding ourselves to be of a certain ilk, status, -self importance, - we don’t even realize that we do this

Don’t look at the jug – look what is in it – look past the external- see the pnimius

B tzelem elokim- we are all of God’s children – we all live in the same world – God is all of our fathers…..

Just like parents get the greatest nachas when their children love each other and chas v shalom the opposite when your children fight you can’t take it

Is God any different – we are his children – we must love each other

love your neighbor as yourself – the rest is commentary- meaning you do the rest with love your neighbor as the foundation stone

It has got to all come from love

With that in mind

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