Monday, April 7, 2014

Passover: Time to Let Go -In Memory of Shoshie


Passover is called “The time of our freedom”
It is certainly deeper than our liberation from physical slavery.
It is the time when we were awakened up to the reality where
our souls could have its own master rather than the slavery that
we were subjected to either by outside forces or our own inner

Some times for the time being we find ourselves in
situations  or circumstances in our lives that are extraordinarily difficult,
confrontative and suffocating. Those are harder to break free from since
sometimes the circumstances are just out of our control. It is the slavery
of our internal world that offers us the most help for true freedom.

The internal demons are: hidden insecurities, self doubt and worth –
Old tapes that continuously play thoughts in our mind of who or what is to blame for
just about any specific ailment in my life and most of all deep seated anxiety, frustrations,
impulse for immediate gratification and feelings of apathy, laziness and complacency
just wreak havoc on our deepest and most authentic inner voice.

It is that inner voice that will never go away until it is truly satisfied. It is this voice
that forever gives you the drive to be a star and a champion of what it means to be truly
human – the kind that mirrors God’s image. The key to our destiny for success is seeing through
the illusions of any thoughts and feeling that run-counter to your truest and highest aspirations.
To let these false thoughts, no matter how real they appear to recognize them as such and them
walk out the back door of your mind. Everyone knows that a person can wake up feeling different
from day to day with the exact same circumstances in their life – sometimes you have to just wait
it out and eventually those negative, sabotaging and dreadful thoughts/feelings will leave.

When the cloud clears up in your mind, a new state of feeling permeates your being – you are
in touch with your higher self – the part of you connected to your soul -that would be the time
time to tackle your issues, challenges and problems. Until that better state of mind appears,
don’t trust your thoughts as reality no matter how compelling those thoughts look – be as
graceful as you can in the meantime – freedom will always necessarily emerge from the deepest
recesses of your soul

Have a beautiful Passover