Monday, December 30, 2013

Jan 2nd in Boca- Talk

“When the Ordinary becomes the Extraordinary”
      Rabbi Mike Stern - In memory of Shoshie Stern a’h
       January 2nd , Thursday Night 8:00 p.m. at BRS

Rabbi Mike Stern will share inspiring lessons learned  
from the life of Shoshie Stern a’h –

The subsequent reaction after Shoshie’s Petira about who
Shoshie Stern was in her life time and her impact on people
far exceeded what we as her parents understood and saw.

Do we really know who we are married to and who our children are?
What is blocking us from seeing each other as to who we truly are?
How to truly see each other’s greatness; that is already there.

BRS is at 7900 N. Montoya Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33433

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Spreading Shoshie's Light in Yerushalayim

Just got back from visiting Shoshie's older brothers both learning in Eretz Hakodesh
While I was there I merited to share a talk ("When the Ordinary becomes Extraordinary" ) about how Shoshie has inspired our family in 3 different Yeshiva programs.

Ohr Somayach's - Chai Israel program - about 50 - 18 year olds (Moshe's program)
Aish HaTorah's Gesher & Intermediate programs - about 40 kids ages 18-22
Yeshiva Imrei Bina (Yossi's school) 50-60 - 18 year olds
Rabbaim also there too.

The essential message was for us to truly see each others greatness and not get caught up in things about the person (their attractiveness, popularity, life style, frum or not very frum) - Everyone is worth validation, affirmation, love and respect. Learn how to to see each others virtues as one and the same as who they truly are.

I will be speaking soon in Boca on this topic- details soon
In the meanwhile - let's love each other and keep Shoshieing

Monday, December 9, 2013

Today is Shoshie's Birthday

We remain in darkness. It's not possible for us to fathom how Hashem writes this kind of loss in the script of life. The loss of Shoshie or anyone for that matter, G-d forbid should not be in vain. Please G-d Shoshie's memory should motivate us to live life more as a light to ourselves and others and bring more love, togetherness, fun, peace and genuine brotherhood amongst all of us- no matter, what school we go to, what Shul we daven in, how frum we perform our Mitzvot, how snius our clothing is, how popular, beautiful and "in" someone is.

Shoshie saw you- not something about you. She loved you.....not something about you. She was in the moment - oh so engaged in life-so much fun -so full of radiance, joy so there -----Her presence is oh so missing. A hole that can't be filled, patched by anyone or anything. We need to fill it -the way Shoshie would fill it.

Do something that is full of "life" today with someone you love - even something simple- Get the big size Slurpee, Make Chinese noodles with the peanut butter sauce, fill your entire mouth with a soup sized spoon of mashed potatoes, throw a dodge ball at 90 MPH in the house at your little brother, skateboard over to the store and go get your mother stuff, stop by your neighbor say hi, drink your older brother's specially hidden Gatorade (then deny it). And if it rains -go play in it

Our love and faith in Hashem hasn't dimmed. We beseech him for insight, understanding and wisdom as to how to move forward. May we see a day where we are reunited with Shoshie in this world and may the world at that time know no more pain, sickness, or anything bad or evil.

Our family thanks you for your love
Please Keep Shoshieing