Monday, September 8, 2014

How do you define yourself

How do you define yourself?

There are 3 ways a person often defines themselves; by what they do for a living, what they own or their value system/priorities/character. Although we like to think that we would define ourselves by the latter, its almost impossible to do so in it's most complete way. The world around us primarily defines us by the first two mentioned how are we to escape that? It is the way of the world and that's a lot more powerful than ourselves.

The last few years, I did some good work but I didn't really have a platform to express myself within the Jewish community. I often felt ...... like I really wasn't anyone because I didn't have a "respected position" in the community. It's hard to feel good when you don't have your place and one that you feel is respected. And that was being a Rabbi let alone a job in the competitive business market. Even when people have respectable jobs, they can still feel like a loser inside and that they are just aren't making it or they are a failure.

It is up to us to pay attention, respect and champion the later category -who the person is, what they value, their character and what they give of themselves.  We have to pound away at seeing the other person's virtues  in an intense way so maybe just maybe we will feel good about ourselves. It's hard sometimes to be "a man". But a true man see's his own virtues and recognizes the virtues of others.

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