Sunday, January 12, 2014

What is "Green" Speech

 Gd willing I will soon be launching my website which will contain a few initiatives. One is named "Green" Speech and after many years in development it will be launched in Shoshie's name. I have had a marketing piece with the "10 Habits of Green Speech" which i will send later. On that peice, I am re-writing "What is "Green" Speech. Below is a prospective re-write. I would appreciate your thoughts, comments or even editorial help, the latter in a private message. Thank you -Mike

Recycling, driving a hybrid car, reducing waste and shopping local
produce are ways to: “Go Green” in order to reduce toxins and pollutants
in our environment and sustain the well being our planet

Why not “Go Green” with the words we say and remove the toxins
and pollutants from our speech as well? Protect: our well being, families,
and relationships from derogatory, harmful words and speech and gossip
and infuse respect, peace and unity throughout all of our communities.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

RWW Website

Dear Friends

After many years of working on developing Rabbi Without Walls and a website
to show for it have attached a preview of it. (it’s almost done)
To get a quick idea of what it is all about, please read “welcome to RWW”
top tab. Your thoughts, ideas are welcomed.