Friday, November 29, 2013

Don't be a "Jewish Unity" fraud!

Don’t be a “Jewish Unity” – Fraud

If I had a dollar for every time I have listened to someone who loudly professes and
primarily demonstrates, a strong conviction and feeling of a love for all Jews; but in the
same conversation denigrates a sliver/part/group of the Jewish people that doesn’t
measure up to their sensibilities, I would be very wealthy.

It’s amazing- it is almost to the degree that someone shows their love for Jewish people
they shtup in something derogatory about some group-unaware.

It seems to me that we have to think of the Jewish people as a whole entity-as one
like we think of our children. If someone would say something derogatory about our
child that would pain us very much. We would rush to judge favorably. You certainly
wouldn’t just sit there and listen.  

How much could you really love the Jewish people if you serendipitously say negative
things about any part of the group for no apparent benefit.  Wouldn’t it hurt them to say
something negative about their own child? The only scenario that you say something about
your child is when the person you are talking to can be helpful in some way – to do something
about the current situation.  Otherwise, your negative comments are just giving you an
illusionary feeling of superiority.

Don’t talk badly about any part of the Jewish people for nothing.
It should pain you if you do. If you do care so much that you have to do something
For the people you are speaking badly about

The Jewish people are “one” – Every group is a leg or an arm of yours.
I think I’ll keep it unless its gang green. I will do everything I can to help make my arms healthy.

Don’t be a fraud and profess love for your brothers and then denigrate them

Happy Chanukah and Good Shabbos

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dear Friends

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to give 2 talks on the topic of "When the Ordinary becomes the Extraordinary" in the merit and memory of Shoshie a'h at the girls High Schools in Philly (KTA) and Milwaukee(TAM) in the past 2 weeks.

This talk, gleaned from lessons about the life of Shoshie Stern shows us a pathway of how to truly see the greatness in each other so we can bring more respect, peace and unity into our families, schools and community. I will have a recording soon.

In the meantime, many have asked me for my notes. I will send along the talk in installments.

I am booking my schedule for February right now. A generous donation has made it quite affordable to bring me to your city.

All the best

P.S Remember the 3 Shoshie rules; give up your seat, look out for the next person and make peace -