Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Interesting Things to Note About Shoshie's Petira

Of course the following could be reading into the events the occurred before Shoshie's petira but there were a few things that Denise and I find as odd.

It seemed to us that Shoshie (and Divine providence) was on a
grand mission to touch the people in her/our lives before her Petira. Whether it was a phone call, a gift, a visit or something she did or encouraged, her neshama seemed to us to know that it was closing up business here on earth.

Inexplicably Shoshie started developing many and many pictures both of her and her friends and those family pictures that often lay dormant in your cell phone. Instagram became a favorite past time with her sill looking kissing poses that are so dear to us now. Even more importantly, she bothered, begged and encouraged us to have someone take family pictures with all 8 of us for the first time since early Milwaukee days 7 years ago. Thanks to her, an erev Shabbos or two before her petira Theo, a nice neighbor we have took pictures of all of us together. It was hard to get 8 Sterns all together at once, to shut up, stand still and not make any ridiculous faces at the moment the pictures were shot - this itself should added to Jewish lore along side of the splitting of the red sea. Shoshie made us do it.

We knew that Shoshie had made a collage (of pictures of course) way in advance of Devori's June birthday- of course we didn't think anything about it. Who makes their present for their loving sister 2 1/2 months in advance. That in it of itself is interesting. What is even more interesting, as Denise and I went to look for it after her petira we couldn't find it. Why? She already had given it to Devori.

Amazingly, my brother Ken, wife Josie and 13 year old Isabel (Izzy) came to South beach just week or two before Shoshie's petira. My niece Gabby all grown up with baby and husband had been down at the same time. I took the girls, the little ones too, Yossi was in from Yeshiva and we all met together at the hotel.
To have us all together in the same place at the same time just doesnt happen -ever. I mean we are totally land-locked here living in South Florida- we can't afford to fly as a family and because of many reasons, driving seems to be off limits. But ehre we were, all together long enough to have pictures of the all the girls. Wow! Devori, Shoshie, Ellie, Izzy, Gabby and Kaila (the baby) all beautiful in one picture. We are so grateful.

Shoshie saw my brother too on that day, spoke to my sister and mother just before that, saw Uncle Adam (my best friend of 48 years) who was down visiting from Maryland-got to spend time in total hilarity listening to Adam and our incredible friend "Selly" as explored Adam's one sided relationship of the past. (Shabbos meal too with them). Shoshie's last Shabbos in Boca was time spent with Stephanie who has been anchor, friend for us here, she spent much time with Shoshie. That last Shabbos as well as hundreds since we have been here was spent with our best friends down here Debbie, Terry and their son Addison. The Golden's are like real Aunt's Uncles and cousins to Shoshie. And it was never a long time ( a week at most) for Shoshie to spend time with our long time, close, close friend Shelley Schneer who is thoroughly involved in our lives or our new found friend who spent so much time out of our home with Shoshie, Rosie Sherman. Shoshie was of course with her best friend Basie Lyons all the time until the end and her favorite Boca families the Lyons and the Bermans.And lastly for now, Shoshie had just spoken with my mother, my sister on the phone, probably made up Ellie's hair, took the kids to Shul, did groups at Rabbi Gibber's Shul, went on walks with Yossi, her brother after the Pesach Seders.

There is probably more, but already you can see the whirlwind of activity and touches within the last 2 weeks of her life. I so apologize if I left someone or something out.

It appears to me that Shoshie's neshama knew and was directing her to once again touch a soul of a friend, cousin, family member - with a smile, a laugh, a fun activity, she was so in the moment -a joy to be with a total joy to have Shoshie as our daughter.

This is all not including the precious last Shabbos in Miami where she spent time with her whole other side of her life that I was not as familiar with. At some point in time those families and friends will write about Shoshie's last Shabbos and day.

This post wasn't anything like my prior posts but one that of course was important for me to notice and write. Hopefully later today or tomorrow I will post again something more substantial.

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