Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Do books just fly off their shelves? - Apparently yes!

Denise and I met with a very holy man yesterday who .... let's just say "knows things". We were looking of course for more insight as to understanding Shoshie's passing.

We have already looked at: the Torah portion upon which she passed (Acharay Mos and Kedoshim), the time period on the Jewish calendar (the mourning period of counting the Omer), the date that her Shaloshim landed (Shavuos)- there is a lot to say of what we studied and found which I will share later. But more pressing is to share our experience yesterday with someone who helps to put a composite picture together based upon a lot of information. Things such as: gematria, letter combinations that make up words in Shoshie's name, first and last letters of her name and what they spell out, where Shoshie was born, what was going on in our lives at that time, what Denise and I are committed to, what we do with our lives, what age and what was happening with Shoshie at the time of her petira, what was her fulfillment of honoring thy mother and father, what does her name mean, where does it appear in Tanach what is going on there, when was she born, when did she die, what has transpired as a result of her passing etc etc - Each thing tells a story in it of itself and how they might all fit together is a slow work in progress which may never be completed to satisfaction.

I will say this - Denise and I know it's all for the good and that Hashem is only good. Everything that appears bad is driving the world towards the ultimate good. Shoshie's mission in this world was a holy mission meant to wake us all up and inspire forward to helping create the ultimate redemption. And despite the utter devastation we feel, the undeniable void that can't be filled by anyone or anything, we feel close to Shoshie than ever, love her more than ever and are inspired to do her work in this world-as she did. And we will do Mitzvot for her and she will continue to inspire us and we will continue to help her grow even in shamayim. We love Hashem and Hashem loves us. Hashem loves Shoshie and Shoshie loves Hashem. In the end it's all good.

Ok -15 minutes until car pool. Let's get back to the book and hopefully tomorrow we'll start unfolding our thoughts as to what has occurred to us. So we sit down with this Rabbi yesterday and he starts doing an intake as to the questions I mentioned above.
We are surrounded by many big book shelf's and all the books are neatly tucked in them ..... so it all appeared. All of a sudden a book came flying off the shelf and landed right by the Rabbi's chair. The book didn't just take a lazy saunter off the shelf and just fall right in front of the book shelf..... it flew off the shelf as if someone has hit it hard with a backhand falling at least 5 feet from the shelf. There was no wind, nothing else in the room just me, Denise and the Rabbi. It had a book mark in it. Mind you the shelf was 10-12' feet high not even eye level. It came flying.
We were spooked! The Rabbi didn't address it right away- my eyes were riveted like let's take a look at it. We continued the intake and let the sudden drama subside.

The ribbon book mark opened up to an essay on Parshas Mattos - Sefer Bamidbar (not exactly now but will be coming up). What was it dealing with? A 12 year old girl - How Old was Shoshie? a 12 year old girl. Specifically it is dealing with a 12 year old girl that has a special status ( A Naara) -someone who is between 12 and 12 1/2 years of age. Shoshie was within that time frame too. There are only 2 places in the entire Chumash dealing with special status of a Naara here and 1 other place. Here it is the 1st thing mentioned in the Parsha - it is prominent - the other place and specially what it is talking about has no relationship with Shoshie.
Notwithstanding what that means it was amazing to us to see the book fly off the shelf, and open up to the special status of a girl between the ages of 12 and 12 1/2 while we were there to discuss and talk about Shoshie. We spent 2 1/2 hours with this Rabbi. Our best friend that got us in said she hasn't known anyone else who spent that much time with him. He sensed our situation is more than just Shoshie, he had heard about (a little) about what great things have happened in her memory since her passing and we just. What is it specially talking about over there? A girl making a vow, a promise or a swear. Did Shoshie make one? We think so ........ before she came down to earth ...... a mission..... Okay sorry GTG- car pool

See you tomorrow

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  1. That gave me the chills. Tell us more about your insights from your meeting with this rabbi! (By the way, Shoshie continues to elevate our lives in the May family as my children are eager to say amen to brachos along with the cheer "brachos for Shoshie" as I say l'iluy nishmas Shoshana Rachel bas Elimelech. She can hear me when I whisper "thank you" to her, right?)