Friday, September 13, 2013

Yom Kippur: Being with each other as on our wedding night

When you do something not consistent with the will of God (mistake-sin) or you trespass on the relationship with your spouse – You might think that everything can be rectified by a heart- felt “I’m sorry” from you. But if you look into more deeply, even if they “forgive” you –you have created distance in the relationship. When you feel that someone has trespassed on your relationship, you feel insult, injury – a feeling of “if you truly loved me you never would have done or said such a thing” – Even if they say “sorry” it’s extremely difficult to necessarily feel the same warmth and closeness with them.  

Yom Kippur is helping us to accomplish 2 things – 1st we say we are sorry to Hashem please forgive us –as important is our desire to feel close with him – again- with a full heart – like a bride and groom in their wedding week before they really find out about each other. Before any insult, hurt, trespass. We as human beings need to clear our accounts with those who are closest to us – as if nothing ever negative happened between us. Resentment –poisons the soul-poisons our thoughts –distorts the perception of who we are married too.

No matter how much we have trespassed against Hashem – no matter how much distance we have created Between us and him – On Yom Kippur he takes us back to him – He gaps the entire distance- he bring us Close to him as possible – if we cleave to him for a full heart. There is not one iota of holding out on Hashem’s Part.

Let’s do the same with our spouse – take them back- a full heart – gap the distance- no misgiving about it. Throw your roller desk of complaints out about him/her – get rid of your list -come clean – May we all be Re-united with our spouses as if on our wedding day and may Hashem see all of us do that- and in kind- No doubt Moshiach would come

Have an easy fast

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