Friday, August 2, 2013

A Magnificent Gesture (Mitzvah) in memory of Shoshie

Dear Mike and Denise

I hope you are finding the strength to endure and having some form of healing as time goes forward.  I wanted to let you know we are launching a special gemach (Tables and Chairs) that the anonymous donor has sponsored in memory of Shoshie a"h.  (A gemach is a somewhere you turn to if you need something, don't want to own it, or you don't have money for it, you just want to borrow it, no cost)

The announcement will be this shabbos and I wanted you to know first.  I hope and pray that all the chesed done through this gemach will serve to elevate her special neshama and that you find comfort from this new project. The Gemach is being established at Boca Raton Synagogue. (Below is more information)

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

P.S. My own p.s. is that without even speaking to us -that this is the exact kind of gemach that we would have chosen on shoshie's behalf. Our family has dedicated itself to hachnasas orchim, (hospitality to guests), classes and programs and all sorts of joyous gatherings. Indeed having a gemach in shoshie's name of tables and chairs makes us so happy -its perfect

Here are the rules:

BRS is proud to present to the community the new Table and Chair Gemach, sponsored anonymously in memory of our beloved Shoshie Stern A”H.

•         The BRS Table and Chair Gemach has ten 6-foot folding tables and 120 folding plastic chairs.
•         Requests to borrow tables or chairs should be sent to
•         All requests must be submitted with 48 hours advance notice.
•         After your request is received, a scheduled pickup time will be arranged with you to be able to pick up the tables and chairs.
•         Pick up and drop off will take place in the grass parking lot on the Boca Raton Synagogue campus and are the borrower’s responsibility.
•         There is a short form to be filled out prior to borrowing any items.  It is located in the shed.
•         A suggested minimum donation of $25 for Tomchei Shabbat should be left when borrowing tables or chairs. Checks should be made out to RDF with a note that is for the Table & Chair Gemach.
•         Any damage to the chairs or tables will be the responsibility of the borrower. The cost for any damaged item is $20 a chair and $40 a table.

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

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