Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Unspoken Word -“Our Words our costing us our lives”

·         The Unspoken Word -“Our Words our costing us our lives” – The quality of our lives and the society we live in has been severely compromised by the words we use

·         Wherever we go-Wherever we turn – We can’t seem to escape the destructive force of how words are used in today’s world

·         Negative words – Derogatory words –Damaging words and Gossip –all seem so often so innocent

·         Abusive and violent words –Downright can be so scary.

·         The misuse of words are an essential –seemingly unmovable – core of the

·         The downfall of civility –Outrageous incidents increasingly have become the norm

·         Fighting in our homes; a weakening of trust between husband and wife, animosity amongst siblings, berating our children-words hurt

·         The poisoning of the workplace atmosphere; so much talk, talk, talk -the distance created amongst the employees and with the employer – words hurt

·         Breaching the line of confidentiality – defamation suits all too common and unfair assault on our brand, product and company that destroys-Words cost

·         The destruction of a child’s self respect and self esteem sometimes leading to pent up anger and rage –Words hurt

·         The harsh and abusive sounds that assault us and knock us upside our heads –Words seer into us and paralyze us

·         or whether literally words are a part of an onslaught that God forbid leads to suicide –Words can kill

·         Our words literally are costing us –life- wherever we turn -collectively all of our lives

·         Maybe worst of all- words compromise our self image – they way we think about ourselves

·         and that squelches and steals our view of who we truly are, what we can accomplish and our drive to change the world

·         Words that have the great potential of lifting us up, help building our character, revealing to ourselves the possibility of true inner worth

·         Only to be limited by believing what others say more than you can say to yourself

·         Our words hold the keys to optimism, belief in ourselves, trust in one another, oneness and peace in the world, love and ultimate redemption

·         We must go from the world of “words destroy” to beautiful words – “words that heal” in order to accomplish the “words that build” that will bring us to the worlds we want.  

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