Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Loshon Hara worse than other sins?

Green Speech #32 –

Some Rabbi’s say that in the following way the improper use of words and speech is worse than all other Negative Torah prohibitions. When speaking Loshon Hara the person wasn’t lured by some earthly temptation, It’s not a physical desire, something our bodies are interested in, attracted to –the Torah understands that
we are merely physical beings and takes that into consideration

The improper use of our words and speech there is no physical enjoyment in it. Then why is being done? It is throwing off God’s yoke from us and the expectation that we should guard our mouths. It’s like saying I understand that Hashem commanded me to refrain from Loshon Hara but my own priorities are……

In that way the commandment of  “You shall not desecrate My Holy Name” (Vayikra 22:32) is transgressed It’s like saying that what Hashem says isn’t so important.

Our mission is to sanctify Hashem’s name and in that way the improper use of words and speech negates Our purpose and mission in the word

Speak wisely my friends

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