Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Green Speech #8

Green Speech #8

How could one sin such as Loshon Hara (Jewish Unity) be so destructive; enough to the cause the destruction of the Second Temple’s and the factor which up to this day has prevented us from being redeemed through Moshiach’s arrival?

To understand the severity of Loshon hora and its ramifications, one must first understand the judicial system in Heaven through which the world and the Jewish People are judged.

The Chofetz Chaim explains that the Heavenly judicial process is initiated by words which we speak in this world. Our Loshon Hara words and conversations (derogatory, damaging, negative, gossip, painful) are the key which opens the door for heavenly prosecution of our sins.

As Zohar states (Parashas Shelach), this sin (Loshon Hara)  “brings plague, sword and murder to this world. Woe to those who awaken this evil force, who do not guard their tongues and pay no heed to this!

They do not realize that the ways of Heaven are reflective of the ways on this world, both for good and for bad. [Through evil talk,] the heavenly prosecutor is aroused to voice accusation against the entire world.”

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